1AbakAkwa IbomMr Jack Akaniyene8085350099
2AcharuKogiMr Fidelis Edion8039371385
3AgbarhoDeltaMr Friday Zifa7039729189
4BadagryLagosDr Victor Adaigbe7067011698
5DutseJigawaMr Hamza Mohammed8067060220
6OnishereOndoMr Ani8054741863
7OnuebumBayelsaMr Kingsley .A8030705300
8UmuabiEbonyiMs Ifejinwa Njoku8034913876
9WambaNasarawaMs Dorcas Nimpar8036676305

The Institute’s work is also carried out in four research sub-stations namely Abak in Akwa Ibom State (for Oil Palm), Onuebum in Bayelsa State for (for Raphia), Dutse in Jigawa State (for Date Palm) and Badagry in Lagos State (for Coconut). Abak is the most developed of these Sub-stations with a fairly well established road network, modest office and workshop facilities.

As the mandate crops of the Institute are cultivated across different ecologies, and in some cases specific ecologies, the Institute also maintains experimental outstation listed in Table 1.

Table 1: NIFOR Sub-Stations and Experimental Stations

NameLocationStateSize (ha)CropAgro-Ecology
NIFOR Sub-StationAbakAkwa Ibom246Oil palmRain forest/fresh water swamp
NIFOR Sub-StationBadagryLagos100CoconutCoastal/fresh water swamp
NIFOR Sub-StationDutseJigawa400DateSudan Savannah
NIFOR Sub-StationOnuebumBayelsa100RaphiaFresh water swamp
NIFOR Experimental StationAcharuKogi388Oil palmRain forest] derived savannah
NIFOR Experimental StationAgbarhoDelta24Oil palmRain forest/fresh water swamp
NIFOR Experimental StationOtegboDelta75RaphiaRain forest/fresh water swamp
NIFOR Experimental StationOnishereOndo80Oil palmRain Forest
NIFOR Experimental StationUbiajaEdo52Coconut & oil palmRain forest] derived savannah
NIFOR Experimental StationUmuabiEnugu32Oil palmDerived/guinea savannah
NIFOR Experimental StationDarazoBauchi300DateSudan savannah
NIFOR Experimental StationNsukkaEnugu---Oil palmFor in-situ germplasm Conservation and exploitation
NIFOR Experimental StationAgo- EmokpaeEdo1.5Oil palmRain forest for Fusarium wilt research
NIFOR Outreach StationWambaNasarawa100Oil PalmGuinea Savanah

Darazo. Bauchi State

The Bauchi State Government donated a 300ha at Darazo to the institute, in 1998 for date palm research. This will serve as an experimental research station for date palm, which is an important tree crop in the area.

Nsukka, Enugu State

NIFOR is carrying out in-situ germplasm conservation and exploitation among the Nsukka grove oil palm, where palms with exceptionally desirable characteristics, such as yield, high bunch number, and slow stem increment, have been identified. The Institute also carries out experimental work in private farms and estates.

Commercial I Demonstration Farms

The institute has a 300 ha commercial oil palm plantation at Usen, Edo State. The terrain of the plantation is not suitable for easy exploitation of the palms. Although the original concept of the project was more than the present land area planted, community problems and litigation limited the scope of planted area to about 300ha. With the desire to achieve a substantial level of self-sustenance in terms of funding, the institute has embarked on a phased development of a 2000 ha demonstration farm, at Ohosu, Edo State. So far, over 225 ha have been planted.

1AcharuKogiMr Edion8060259309
2AgbarhoDeltaMr Friday Zifa7039729189
3OnishereOndoMr Ani8054741863
4UmuabiEbonyiMs Ifejinwa Njoku8034913876
5WambaNasarawaMs Docars Nimpar8036676305