NIFOR SSPE – Digester Screw Press

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Digester screw press is used for masticating fruits and squeezing out the crude palm oil. In the case of the mini SSPE, this machine only macerate the fruits and does not release the oil. Pillar press is used to release the oil but in the large and medium SSPE, this machine simultaneously digest the fruits and release the oil as seen in the picture. The oil is collected and manually transferred to the clarifier.

Available capacity include 0.25, 0.5 and
1tonne fresh fruit bunches per hour

Extraction rate of 15%

Adequate for farm size 1-100ha.

Capable of producing crude palm oil qualities of <5% free fatty acids There are two types of the digester screw press:

  1. 8 Hp diesel engine
  2. 5 KW electric motor.
Digester Screw Press 702,555 1 702,555
Accessories of digester screw press 297,000   297,000


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