Economics and Extension

Database of the industry

NIFOR has been engaged in and continues to closely monitor developments in the domestic and world markets for fats and oils through the collation of statistical information on all aspects of oil palm related economic activities as well as those of the other commodities. The institute continues to prepare and update production cost estimates for its products, undertakes local market price surveys, and prepares investment profiles and feasibility reports for clients. From a recent survey improved plantings and milling capacities in Nigeria, the area under improved oil palm is 350,000 ha of the total estimated 2.3 – 2.5 million ha under oil palm, while the national milling capacity outside the informal and traditional methods is about 471 tonnes fresh fruit bunches per hour.

Production and Supply of Improved Planting Materials to Farmers


A demonstrable evidence of the Institute’s service to the agricultural industry of the country is the quality of oil palm seeds the Institute has supplied and continues to supply to farmers. In the period 1993 to 2004, the Institute supplied about 24.2 million sprouted oil palm seeds to farmers in Nigeria

Seeds: During the period, 1993 – 2004, the Institute distributed 24.2 million sprouted oil palm seeds.

Oil Palm Seedlings: During the period 1993- 2004, the Institute complemented seedling production by private individuals, State and Federal Government programmes by producing about 4.04 million seedlings.

Economics and Extension